Shooting range

Get your eye in with our paper targets, then try your hand at some knock down animal targets. There are spinners and sets for the really keen

For all those budding Marksmen see who can score the highest points on our bullseye targets and spinners

Guns and Targets

The air rifles, we use, fire .22mm pellets

You will be aiming at paper bullseye targets and spinners, which are slightly more difficult.  To make it a bit more competitive we will put out apples and bottles for you to aim at to see who is the best shot


Safety is our number one priority, we will run through how to use the guns correctly and talk you through our safety rules.  Please pay attention to the rules and to what is being said.  You will be supervised on the shooting range at all times  

The shooting range has its own area within the grounds and is safely away from all other facilities