The Lakes

The Lakes are all yours throughout your stay

Our Lakes

Barbret is set in 7 acres of private land, with two lakes, Barbret and the Deep Blu

Both spring fed the springs maintain a constant water level, an excellent water quality and a perfect all year round temperature.

Both lakes are fitted with the latest diffuser systems and venture oxygen pumps to ensure a healthy water quality, eliminating the fear of an oxygen crash or bad water quality issues.   

Barbret and the Deep Blu are pure bred specimen lakes and hold high bred, large powerful fish.  They were stocked in 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 & 2023 with Mirrors, Commons, Grass Carp and Catfish all adding to the existing fish stock.

Barbret Lake

The depth of Barbret lake varies between 1.8 metres and 3 metres with shallows around the margins providing shelves where carp like to cruise.  There is no weed and no hidden snags so your fishing will be an enjoyable experience.

The Deep Bluu

This secluded lake provides a fishing holiday where dreams are made.

Deep Bluu is offered, along with Barbret lake, for exclusive use to the experienced angler.  The lake has been dug to over twenty feet deep in places and is packed with lake bed features and holds a good head count of specimen carp and catfish, designed for the experienced carp angler to expand their craft.

This small but intimate lake houses a waterside sleeping cabin with 2 bedchairs, WC, cooking and showering facilities. There are two swims and weigh station. Use of cradles, slings, nets and chairs are included.  All you need to bring are your rods, reels, end tackle and sleeping bags.  

Whats included?

You will be provided with Carp Cradle, chair, barrow, landing nets and weigh slings free of charge.


For your safety there are life rings situated all around the lake. The gate will be locked at night and there is CCTV at the entrance

I just want to say a big Thank You from Mike, Andy and myself for the super time we had when we recently visited.


Your lake and facilities along with your hospitality (and let’s not forget the brekkies) made it a thoroughly enjoyable week.  We were only about a mile down the road when we all agreed ‘we ought to of booked a fortnight’…!!


We look forward to our return in 2024.

Mark Wilson